hummingbird whirligig

hummingbird whirligig

This hummingbird whirligig is inspired by the colorful fast moving hummingbird that brings life to our yards in the summer.

These colorful birds are weather resistant and durable. They come fully assembled.

  • Wind Driven Bird
  • Inspired by this small bird
  • Weather-resistant , fully assembled
  • Pine with Cedar wings

Approximate Size: 10 inches length , 8 inches wide.

Price: $27.00


Hummingbird Whirligig Brings Smiles

Among the smallest birds the Hummingbird can hover in midair and even fly backwards.The English name of the bird derived from the hum made by their rapid wing beats of 12-90 beats per second.

This hummingbird wind spinner has a fast pace and very colorful.Another great piece for the yard.