Whirligigs: Handmade and Wind Driven
Since 2005

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High Quality Materials Are Used To Create A Piece Of Art
That Compliments Your Home, Lawn And Garden 

All Whirlypet whirligigs are handmade with quality woods, hard ware and paint.
  • Cedar Wings,legs or paddles. Cedar is naturally weather and decay resistant.   
  • Steal screws and hardware for strength. 
  • Pine body. Naturally strong and compliments the overall whirligig building.
  • Quality paints and varnish for a finished touch.
  • Post hole with plastic tubing and ball bearing in bottom of body for solid mounting.

What People Are Saying...

My husband just loved the min pin wind spinner you made. I did have to look up what these are when I first heard of them 🙂 .I did surprise him on his birthday,no way he could have guessed this gift. 


Thank you. Glennis Austin middlefield, mass

Glennis Austin
Middlefield, MA

My dachshund whirligig is just perfect. It looks exactly like dog Oscar. The laughs it gets from the tiny legs spinning in the wind are priceless. Thank you for the well built conversation piece. 

John Madru
Melbourne, FL

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What has been a humble beginning creating Whirlypets in a small wood shed has brought smiles and laughs
to many homes across the United States. We thank you for the support and warm emails we receive and look forward to continue 
creating folk art that just happens to be powered by the wind.