BlueBird Whirlypet

Due to their insect based diet, bluebirds are much desired by gardeners, riding gardens of insect pests. They are a territorial bird, with behavior similar to that of a woodpecker. Males will attract females to potential nesting sites by singing and flapping their wings….

Chickadee Whirlypet

The chickadee, or titmouse, is a small, “pocket-sized” bird with a small yet stout bill found mostly in wooded areas. You will often see these songbirds feeding from your backyard birdfeeders. They are also considered to be one of the most intelligent species of birds, alongside parrots and blue jays!…

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My husband just loved the min pin windspinner you made. I did surprise him on his birthday, no way he you could have guessed this gift. Thank you. -Glennis Austin middlefield, mass

What is a WhirlyPet?

To us it's a way of bringing life to an idea. Of watching a block of pine and cedar become something more, of seeing our creations bring a smile to the face of a child or adult. And while whirligigs are steeped in history and lore, spoken of as early as 400 BC, they continue to bring a sense of wonder to our technological minds, just as they did to farmers and sailors of yesteryear, who relied on weathervanes to plant their crops or find safe passage in a storm.

The exact origin of the first whirligig (also called button spinners, buzzers, comic weathervanes and simply whirlies) has been lost to time, the spirit they represent is as alive today as when General George Washington brought home his first after the Revolutionary War; or Washington Irving wrote of them in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"…
"a little wooden warrior who, armed with a sword in each hand, was most valiantly fighting the wind on the pinnacle of the barn’"

How Are They Constructed?

With love, care and experience… That may seem an over simplification, but it's true nonetheless.
With love… we're craftsmen; to us each WhirlyPet shipped from our woodworking shop in Huntington, Mass contains our inspiration and love of the craft. Created with attention to detail and constructed using only the finest pine and cedar, our desire isn't monetary gain, rather the satisfaction of a job well done.
Care… Each Whirlypet is carefully constructed, tested for effortless movement, and then weather proofed to last through the seasons, bringing smiles for years to come. Experience… We've been crafting Whirlypets for years with countless satisfied customers.

Custom Created WhirlyPets

While our catalog is constantly growing, blue jay, cardinal, hummingbird, min pin, bumble bee, dachshund, bluebird, penguin, chickadee, native in a canoe, scarlet tanager, dragon, indigo bunting, chicken wild turkey, flying pig, black lab, American boxer, road runner, pheasant, goldfinch, goose, beagle…
We're happy to discuss custom orders modeled after your family pet or idea. Just get in touch and we're happy to help your dream become a reality.

To us this it's a passion.

~ Margret & Aldor Nareau