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BlueBird Whirligigs

Due to their insect based diet, bluebirds are much desired by gardeners, riding gardens of insect pests. They are a territorial bird, with behavior similar to that of a woodpecker. Males will attract females to potential nesting sites by singing and flapping their wings….

BlueBird Whirligigs

Chickadee Whirligigs

The chickadee, or titmouse, is a small, “pocket-sized” bird with a small yet stout bill found mostly in wooded areas. You will often see these songbirds feeding from your backyard birdfeeders. They are also considered to be one of the most intelligent species of birds, alongside parrots and blue jays!…

Chickadee Whirligig

cardinal whirligigs

Cardinal Whirligigs

The Northern Cardinal, also known as the common cardinal or redbird, is a bird native to North America. The male bird is a vibrant red color, while the female is a dull red-brown color. During courtship, the male feeds seed to the female beak-to-beak….

Cardinal Whirligig

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